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InfoQ Homepage Presentations CRI Runtimes Deep Dive: Who's Running My Kubernetes Pod!?

CRI Runtimes Deep Dive: Who's Running My Kubernetes Pod!?



Phil Estes talks about CRI implementations, and gives a hands-on demonstration of how Kubernetes, the CRI, and CRI-supporting runtimes work together to handle the container lifecycle within their K8s pods. He digs into the useful capabilities of the CRI and how to understand the inner workings between Kubernetes and the CRI container runtimes that support it.


Phil Estes is a Distinguished Engineer & CTO, Container and Linux OS Architecture Strategy for the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform division. He is currently an OSS maintainer in the Docker engine project, the CNCF container project, and is a member of both the Open Container Initiative Technical Oversight Board and the Moby Technical Steering Committee.

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Jul 19, 2018