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Elastic Data Analytics Platform @Datadog



Doug Daniels discusses the cloud-based platform they have built at DataDog and how it differs from a traditional datacenter-based analytics stack. He walks through the decisions they have made at each layer, covers the pros and cons of these decisions and discusses the tooling they have built.


Doug Daniels is a Director of Engineering at Datadog, where he works on high-scale data systems for monitoring, data science, and analytics. Prior to joining Datadog, he was CTO at Mortar Data and an architect and developer at Wireless Generation, where he designed data systems to serve more than 4 million students in 49 states.

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Feb 17, 2017

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  • Ephemeral clusters on AWS

    by Greg Liebowitz,

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    From personal experience, this type of architecture is prone to hitting AWS service limits, which grinds the whole region to a halt. Curious if you also experienced that and how you manage it.

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