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Overview of the Spring 3.0 Web Stack



In this presentation from SpringOne 2009, Keith Donald discusses the Spring 3.0 web stack, key Spring Framework and Spring MVC features, demos of Spring MVC capabilities, REST support, validation support, automatic data conversion, data binding and validation, Joda Time support, Spring JavaScript, Dojo, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Spring BlazeDS, and the roadmap for the Spring web stack.


Keith Donald is a principal and founding partner at SpringSource. He is best known in the Spring community for creating Spring Web Flow. At SpringSource, Keith is the lead of the Web Products Team. His team sustains the development of Spring Web MVC and Web Flow and their associated integrations, and is also responsible for future innovations in the domain of web frameworks.

About the conference

SpringOne 2GX is an annual event; it includes a technical exploration of the Spring ecosystem along with the latest developments in the Groovy/Grails space. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to attend two great events at one venue. Whether you're a Spring enthusiast, Tomcat user, Groovy/Grails fan, or just interested in open source development, you'll find valuable content in sessions presented here.

Recorded at:

Jan 16, 2010

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Community comments

  • Updates Since Presentation

    by Keith Donald,

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    A quick note for viewers:

    The December GA release of Spring 3.0 shipped the additional Spring MVC simplifications predicted in this talk, including:
    - A dedicated 'mvc' namespace for simplifying Spring MVC setup
    - Automatic registration of type converters based on what is present in your classpath. This includes automatic setup of JSON (Jackson), XML (JAXB), and Joda Time support.
    - Support for annotation-driven formatting with @NumberFormat and @DateTimeFormat

    You can try out these capabilities yourself by following along with this blog entry.

    The "petcare" sample application referenced in this presentation can also be accessed in our Spring Samples SVN repository. This sample app is directly importable & runnable with The SpringSource Tool Suite.

    Enjoy the presentation!


  • Re: Updates Since Presentation

    by Nitin Gupta,

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    Is there any way I can download the transcript of this presentation only?

  • Re: Updates Since Presentation

    by Jeff Swensen,

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    This article is a prime example of the endless frustration I've encountered trying to learn Spring 3 MVC with limited prior Spring experience. The documentation resources are not only scarce but most are written with a perspective relative to Spring 2.5. For someone who does not know any version of Spring this is very frustrating.

    One of my main gripes is the inconsistency and complete lack of documentation or even useful commenting in these sample applications that are provided. I watched this 1.5 hour video and finally thought I found a good start point that would guide me in building my first Spring 3 MVC application. I was sorely disappointed to realize that the actual sample provided in your link at best barely represents the actual application you used during your presentation. Even the most basic structures (getters/setters) are missing with zero explanation. Only the Roo-specific annotations in the base POJOs hint that some sort of rapid application development package has removed the need for these methods. Not to mention that entire classes specifically reviewed in the presentation no longer exist (AppointmentForm).

    Reading what documentation exists and watching presentations such as yours get me excited about working with the Spring framework but I am getting very discouraged from the perspective of a first time user. I'm the first to admit I am not the best developer in the world but I do have 7 years of experience in multiple languages/environments and had the apparently incorrect assumption I would be able to at least be productive in building a Spring 3 MVC application.

    The cynical side of me is beginning to see this void of direction as a marketing tool for SpringSource's training programs. I'm trying to fight that thought constantly but keep running down dead-ends in the process.

  • Re: Updates Since Presentation

    by Terry Trippany,

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    Hi Jeff,

    Don't give up on Spring MVC if you can't find examples. Unfortunately it seems that the examples don't ship with the downloads on the 3.0x Spring stack. However you can get access to the Spring examples and tutorials from their SVN repo:

    Grab the MVC examples from the head at the trunk and you should see the latest 3.0 based examples.

    Outside of that the Spring documentation does a pretty good job of outlining the configs.

    I agree that it should be easier to find this stuff and the Spring 3.0x docs actually point you to the full dist downloads for examples which I do not believe to be correct (at least not that I could find).

    Good luck,
    Terry Trippany

  • almost everything is borrowed from django

    by Prasad Iyer,

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    Almost everything is borrowed from django

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p