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InfoQ Homepage Presentations From Front-end to Full Stack with Elixir & Phoenix

From Front-end to Full Stack with Elixir & Phoenix



Lauren Tan discusses how one can create web applications with Elixir and Phoenix.


Lauren Tan is a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Netflix. Previously, she was Senior Developer at DockYard. Although formally educated in Finance, she has been involved with user interface and experience design for more than 5 years. She is also an active contributor to the Ember.js community, and a regular speaker at leading JavaScript and Elixir events & conferences.

About the conference

The Erlang & Elixir Factory SF Bay Area 2017 conference took place between 23 - 24 March with training between 20 - 22 March and 27 - 30 March. The conference explored the programming themes of distribution, concurrency, multicore and functional, it went deep into frameworks, delved into case studies and looked at the right tools for the task at hand. The conference has been evolving over the past few years and our community has grown beyond Erlang to encompass a more diverse range of languages from the Erlang Ecosystem. Next year, in recognition of this, we will be re-branding the conference to Code BEAM SF 2018, still in San Francisco and still with top-notch talks and speakers from the BEAM community.

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Aug 31, 2017