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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Dissecting Kubernetes (K8s) - An Intro to Main Components

Dissecting Kubernetes (K8s) - An Intro to Main Components



Joshua Sheppard shows how to deploy containers, building up a mini cluster one Kubernetes component at a time, explaining what happens to the YAML files involved.


Josh Sheppard is a software engineering manager with over 15 years working on web applications of different flavors. He cut his teeth on regular expressions in Perl for a meta search engine and had the misfortune of porting those to Java in 2001. Lately he's happy to be building a data science team, writing Python, and exploring the benefits & challenges of container orchestration with Kubernetes.

About the conference

This year, we will kick off the conference with full day workshops (pre-compilers) where attendees will be able to get “hands-on” and exchange experiences with their peers in the industry.

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Jan 26, 2019