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Leadership Agility in a VUCA World



Nick Horney discuses leadership agility, backing his stories with data gathered from thousands of leaders and showing where the typical strengths and weaknesses are in developing leadership agility.


Nick Horney founded Agility Consulting and Training in 2001. Nick co-authored a book in 2015 entitled Focused, Fast and Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World and co-authored two other books -- Managing Change in Organizations and Project Change Management.

About the conference

2½ days of authentic short stories and facilitated deep dives on business agility; focusing on organisational design, market disruption and product innovation, agile outside IT and next-gen leadership.

Recorded at:

May 07, 2017

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Community comments

  • Performance Measures

    by Stephanie Bysouth,

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    Hi Nick,
    The Leadership Agility Profile you've created it's quite comprehensive, and great the 'thought provoking' approach you take. I also like that's it's not 'agile software' based. How often do you recommend leaders do it, monthly, quarterly etc.?

    Steph BySouth

  • Re: Performance Measures

    by Nick Horney,

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    Thank you for your feedback and interest in the LAP. We have been focused on leadership, team and organizational agility since I founded the firm in 2001. As an Organizational Psychologist, I think you will find our agility assessments to focus on leadership, team and organizational behavior versus assessing agile methodology. The best use for the LAP and our other individual agility assessment tools (e.g., Leadership Agility Profile 360, Individual Agility Profile, Agility Personality Profile, etc.) is for leadership coaching. The leadership coaching can be stand-alone coaching or built into the pre-work for Leadership Agility Seminars, which we deliver and find very valuable. The key is to work with the leader to develop his/her individual development plan based on the results of the assessments. I would recommend using the assessments no more frequently than every 6 months. The most important aspect of the assessments is the action plan resulting from them.

    If you are interested in more information, please contact me at or +1-336-286-7250.


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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p