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InfoQ Homepage Presentations MOOtopia – Evolving the Spotify Model at MOO

MOOtopia – Evolving the Spotify Model at MOO



Claire Donald shares the journey MOO has been on over the last two years implementing the Spotify Model as it scaled, then evolving it further to meet their needs.


Claire Donald is director of Agile Delivery Coaching at MOO. Technical Leader and Coach with almost 20 years experience managing and leading IT teams using a variety of different methods. He has worked in a multitude of different environments, in both the private and public sector.

About the conference

Many thanks for attending Aginext 2019, it has been amazing! We are now processing all your feedback and preparing the 2020 edition of Aginext the 19/20 March 2020. We will have a new website in a few Month but for now we have made Blind Tickets available on Eventbrite, so you can book today for Aginext 2020.

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Aug 24, 2019