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Designing with Passion
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| by Bruce Tate Follow 0 Followers , Dave Thomas Follow 1 Followers , Joe Armstrong Follow 3 Followers , Evan Czaplicki Follow 1 Followers , John Hughes Follow 0 Followers on Jul 08, 2016 |

Panelists answer questions on the languages they contributed to: How do you organize thoughts and code? What unique advances in usability did your language make? Why do your users love to code in it?


Joe Armstrong - co-inventor of Erlang. Evan Czaplicki – creator of Elm. Dave Thomas - Pragmatic Programmer turned publisher. John Hughes is Co-Designer of Haskell and QuickCheck, Testing Tools entrepreneur. Bruce Tate - author of 'Seven Languages in Seven Weeks'. Moderator.

The Erlang Factory is an event that focuses on Erlang - the computer language that was designed to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-realtime applications with requirements for high availability and high concurrency. The main part of the Factory is the conference - a two-day collection of focused subject tracks with an enormous opportunity to meet the best minds in Erlang and network with experts in all its uses and applications.