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InfoQ Homepage Presentations How to Scale Product Company and Keep the Startup Attitude

How to Scale Product Company and Keep the Startup Attitude



Kadri Pirn describes a method to keep a startup-like attitude in a bigger development team without adding extra layers of management.


Kadri Pirn is an Engineering Manager in Pipedrive, a global cloud-based sales software company, where she is managing a flat organization unit of more than 40 engineers. Her goal is to keep the startup mindset to solve problems and guarantee freedom for employees when picking the problems they want to solve through coaching them toward self-management.

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While most conferences nowadays are just a series of pre-recorded or live streams cast to thousands, we are using the tooling you already use (Zoom, Slack) to foster a camera-on (if you want), fully engaging LIVE experience. Because we believe the only way to make it through 2020 is with the Power of Community.

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Feb 05, 2021

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