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Reactive Streams, j.u.concurrent, & beyond!
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| by Konrad Malawski on Jan 28, 2017 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in New York Jun 26-30, 2017. Join us!

Konrad Malawski explains what the word Stream means, then looks at how its protocol works and how one might use it in the real world showing examples using existing implementations. He also peeks into the future, to see what the next steps for such collaborative protocols and the JDK ecosystem are in general.

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Konrad Malawski works at Akka @Lightbend & Reactive Streams Committer, where he participated in the Reactive Streams initiative and implemented its Technology Compatibility Kit. He maintains a number of Scala tools (such as sbt-jmh), and frequently speaks on distributed systems and concurrency topics at conferences. He also holds number of titles, including Java One RockStar 2015.

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