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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The More You Know: a Guide to Understanding Your Systems

The More You Know: a Guide to Understanding Your Systems



Tyler Wells shares how Twilio developed a template that enables them to understand their systems better, identify critical metrics to watch, and how to use Chaos Engineering to verify it all.


Tyler Wells is a Senior Director of Engineering, leading Platform SRE and Observability at Twilio. Tyler experienced first hand the problems of scale while leading the development of Facebook’s first version of real-time Video when he was a Principal Engineer at Skype.

About the conference

Chaos Conf is a single-track conference for the Chaos Engineering community to come together, hear talks from Chaos practitioners, share their learnings, and take chaos engineering back to their organizations.

Recorded at:

Dec 16, 2020

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  • Great Presentation

    by Anit Shrestha Manandhar,

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    Loved the info, and especially the end conversation describing the process.

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