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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Fundamentals of Writing and Publishing Your Non-Fiction Book

The Fundamentals of Writing and Publishing Your Non-Fiction Book



Parul Bavishi deconstructs the structure behind bestselling non-fiction titles, and looks at how to apply this to writing.


Parul Bavishi is the co-founder of the London Writers’ Salon, where she connects budding writers with expert authors, bloggers editors, agents, screenwriters and self-publishing experts. She has been an editor for over a decade and has worked at Random House and Quercus. Most recently she studied under the editor Shawn Coyne (StoryGrid) and cohosts the Story Grid Showrunners Podcast.

About the conference

Aginext is for advanced agilists. That means we need to listen to feedback and be eager to adapt to change. The COVID-19 pandemic makes our conference untenable in its existing co-located form. After careful consideration and collaboration with our team, our brilliant speakers, and our venue, we are moving the 2020 Aginext Conference Online.

Recorded at:

Sep 16, 2020