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    Your Top Five Challenges Moving in to the IoT Space

    by Mikael Hakansson Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 18, 2017

    Those who have been involved in IoT projects have come to realize that there is a big gap between what customers need and what these vendors provide. Contributor Mikael Hakansson looks at five critical areas that require focus to ensure IoT success. These include business ownership, team skillsets, device onboarding, ability to handle change, and comprehensive testing.

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    Q&A on the Book "Agile People"

    by Shane Hastie Follow 11 Followers on  Dec 17, 2017 1

    Pia-Maria Thorén has written a book titled Agile People, in which she challenges the role of Human Resources in organisations, identifies where the current approaches are not working and why they need to change to support modern organisational thinking.

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    Approximate Queries on WSO2 Stream Processor: Use of Approximation Algorithms in an Applied Setting

    by Chamod Samarajeewa Follow 0 Followers , Miyuru Dayarathna Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 15, 2017

    In this article, we describe an example real world application of API monitoring which benefits from using approximate stream processing. We developed the application on top of WSO2 Stream Processor as Siddhi extension. Siddhi is the complex event processing library which acts as the event processing engine of WSO2 Stream Processor.

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Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon San Francisco 2017

Posted by Abel Avram Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 14, 2017

The eleventh annual QCon San Francisco was the biggest yet, bringing together over 1,800 team leads, architects, project managers, and engineering directors. 1

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Q&A with Eberhard Wolff On the Book “A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery”

Posted by Dylan Raithel Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 14, 2017

InfoQ interviews Eberhard Wolff, author of Continuous Delivery: A Practical Guide, for an overview of his work on CD and some of the major concepts behind successful CD adoption in organizations.

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Mobile Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin

Posted by Adriana Blum Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 13, 2017

Xamarin is becoming a popular tool for mobile app development for a number of good reasons. This article will detail them as well as a few drawbacks that make it unsuitable for certain kinds of apps.

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What Does Company-Wide Agility Imply?

Posted by Ben Linders Follow 13 Followers on  Dec 11, 2017

Explore how to apply Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Sociocracy to support values that drive company-wide agility: Self-organization, transparency, constant customer focus, and continuous learning.

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What Should Software Engineers Know about GDPR?

Posted by Arto Santala Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 10, 2017

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is moving out of the transition period next summer to become enforceable. As a software developer, this will affect you. This is what you need to know. 3

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Relearning to Learn

Posted by Don Denoncourt Follow 2 Followers on  Dec 07, 2017

I've been reading tech mostly wrong. I was understanding what I read but I wasn't remembering enough. After an in depth investigation I've restructured my learning strategy. 4

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Soft Skill Patterns for Software Developers: The “Learning from Unintended Failures” Pattern

Posted by Kevin Jackson Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 05, 2017

Soft Skill Patterns describe human behaviours that effectively solve recurring problems. The "Learning from Unintended Failures" pattern helps us improve the resilience of a system after a failure.

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The Value of Logging within Cloud Native Applications: A Q&A with Kresten Krab

Posted by Daniel Bryant Follow 363 Followers on  Dec 04, 2017

InfoQ recently sat down with Kresten Krab, CTO at Humio, and discussed the role of logging within the overall topic of system observability.

Culture & Methods Follow 331 Followers

Customize Your Agile Approach: What Kinds of Leadership Does Your Project Need?

Posted by Johanna Rothman Follow 5 Followers on  Dec 02, 2017

This fourth article about customizing your agile approach explores the kind of leadership your project might need and who might provide it. 1

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