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Abhay Bakshi

Profile page created Sep 18, 2019

Abhay is a technology and operating executive with global experience at for-profit and not-for-profit organizations since 1993. He is a team builder - collocated or distributed - as well as a product builder that require complex engineering skills and leadership skills.


Abhay is experienced in long term strategic growth of projects in healthcare, finance and data interoperability realms. He has built and led teams for global organizations in the U.S., Europe and India regions. His passions are about leading initiatives to support tactical growth of companies with a main focus on competency, quality and commercial results. Starting as an Internet research companion in 1995-96 with an American professor, Abhay grew to a senior-level Project Lead to a Technology Global Partner to serving as a Country Head for for-profit companies' as well as a Board Member for a couple of groups. He also holds a couple of successful Meetup groups sharpening communication skills of apprentices from different cultures. Abhay holds a M.S. in Computers Engr from USA and an Oracle® Java 6 certification. He is also a Certified Scaled Agile Framework® Agilist (SAFe Agilist).