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Alessandro Cauduro

Profile page created Nov 08, 2023

Tech Enthusiast // Investor // CDXO @ Azion


I'm a tech guy who since early age was influenced by design and communication. I was able to integrate my passions working with interactive projects since 1993. In 2014 I was appointed by Proxxima magazine amongst the top 50 innovators in marketing and communications in Brazil. I've co-founded W3haus a digital agency that become one of Brazil's largest independent agencies, and Haus - digital marketing ecosystem (W3haus, Huia, Brooke, Caps). The ecosystem was acquired in 2020, at the time it had other 300 people on the team. Currently working as Chief Developer Experience Officer (CDXO) at Azion, leading Edge Computing platform, to help developers move their applications to the Edge and provide exceptional digital experiences.