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Andrew Lau

Profile page created Nov 13, 2022

CEO and Co-founder of Jellyfish


Andrew Lau is CEO and co-founder of Jellyfish, the pioneer Engineering Management Platform. A veteran of the Boston startup community, Andrew served for nine years as vice president of engineering at Endeca, where he met his future Jellyfish co-founders Philip Braden and David Gourley. Endeca was acquired by Oracle Corporation in October 2011 for over $1 billion. After Endeca, Andrew gained valuable executive experience at two other Boston startups, LoopIt and Nanigans, before co-founding Jellyfish in 2017. Jellyfish was created with the vision of making it easier for engineering teams to work with and support their colleagues in product and business organizations. Over the company’s first five years, Andrew has led Jellyfish to dramatic revenue growth and the recent announcement of a $71 million Series C funding round led by Accel, Insight Partners, and Tiger Global. Andrew earned a B.S. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).