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Barry Chandler

Profile page created Oct 25, 2021

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Having organised DevOpsDays London in 2016, set up his own Enterprise Agility meetup group and conference the following year, Barry Chandler has become a leading figure in the UK’s DevOps community. Aside from training and building communities, Barry spends his time advising global enterprises on approach to DevOps and continual transformation, focusing on Purpose, Value and Outcomes. Spanning a career of over 26 years, he has worked in several different industries as an independent consultant, for consultancies as well as a company employee. For many years Barry was a hands-on application engineer which led into capacity, stability, development and delivery management roles. More recently, Barry has been researching technologies impact on climate change. Staggered with what he is finding, he founded to promote awareness, educate and help address energy inefficiencies within enterprises.