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David Williams

Profile page created Jul 08, 2022

VP | Product Strategy


David Williams leads Quali’s Product Strategy and offers extensive experience successfully establishing, focusing and growing start-ups managing small dedicated teams and managing and growing revenues in established IT software companies with large complex product portfolios managing large distributed teams. Prior to joining Quali, David’s prior roles include SVP Strategy at, EVP Product Mgmt. and Marketing at RF Code, SVP Portfolio Strategy at CA Technologies, VP Product Mgmt. and Marketing at Emulex, CTO and VP Strategy at BMC Software, VP Strategy and Product Mgmt. at IBM and VP Research at Gartner focused on DevOps and IT Operations. With over two hundred research papers and published articles, David has delivered numerous keynotes and presentations at leading industry events in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific on a wide range of IT management subjects including: managing the impact of emerging technologies; the use of behavioral learning, analytics and AI for IT management; IT automation, applications management; the adoption of public and private cloud; DevOps; Value Stream Management and Edge computing