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Dhanesh Haridas

Profile page created Jan 14, 2020

Dhanesh Haridas, a tech geek with more than 12 years of experience in management, design, and deployment of Enterprise Technology Solutions. He is the technical head(CTO) of Epixel Solutions, a leading software development company in India. As a proven software leader he has hands-on experience in leading a high performing team that delivers great solutions for industries ranging from startups to enterprise-level companies.
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I have a unique ability to blend vision, processes, people, and technology to deliver software products and services. My unwavering commitment to innovations combined with a laser focus on customers' needs resulted in the successful alignment of the company's products, transforming Epixel Solutions into Enterprise level solution provider. My current aim is to transform and uplift direct selling industries into mainstream to attract more customers and distributors with the help of futuristic technologies like blockchain, AI and business intelligence. I have experience and skills in building business architecture, developing architectural blueprints, performance handling, technical evaluation, and decision making. My portfolio of products includes MLM software, e-commerce, e-learning platforms, blockchain-based service development, etc.