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Eric Arellano

Profile page created Aug 08, 2022

Open Source Software Engineer at Toolchain


I'm a software engineer focused on change at scale, currently by empowering developers as the top maintainer to the Pants open source build system. I prioritize creating quality software, especially with a focus on writing software for other humans. I love working with Python and especially Rust, including because I enjoy functional programming. As a former middle school computer science teacher, I have a (perhaps unusual) love for writing documentation, mentoring others, designing intuitive APIs, and crafting error messages. I swear by the book The Effective Engineer, and I am eager to grow. In my free time, I'm passionate about supporting LGBTQ young people as a volunteer crisis counselor. I've found the skills of crisis counseling—including empathy, being careful with assumptions, and remaining non-judgmental—crucial to becoming a more effective developer and a better team member.