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Gerd Wagner

Profile page created Jan 15, 2018

Researcher, developer and teacher


Gerd Wagner is a researcher, instructor and a passionate developer who started to code with Pascal and BASIC in the 1980s, and then used Prolog and C++ in the 1990s, Java, PHP and JavaScript in the 2000s, when he increasingly learned to love JavaScript for its unique blend of OO, functional and dynamic programming. He has studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Informatics in Heidelberg, San Francisco and Berlin. Since 2004, he has been a Professor of Internet Technology at Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany. He maintains two JavaScript-focused community websites: ( for the learning developer, where he only recently published the tutorial books “Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript” and, jointly with Mircea Diaconescu, “Building Back-End Web Apps with Java EE”, and simulation-for-education (, which provides web-based simulation technologies for education and science.