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Hari Krishnan

Profile page created Mar 01, 2023

Founder and CEO at Polarizer Technologies


Hari Krishnan is a Polyglot Full Stack Developer, Architecture Consultant, XP Coach and Trainer, with over 18+ years of experience. He has worked across multiple tech stacks and application architectures. His domain exposure includes investment banking, network security, telecommunications, logistics and retail. Apart from building products, he has extensive experience in coaching developers, quality specialists, architects, and technology leaders. He has advised several organizations including unicorn startups and large enterprises on their transformation strategy. Hari Krishnan leads Polarizer Technologies, a consulting business that specializes in helping organizations formulate their technology roadmap to stay ahead in the digital world through engineering excellence in all aspects of software development. He has spoken at several conferences including API Specification Conference (#ASC2022), API World, SeleniumConf, Agile2021, Agile India, TestingUY 2021, SREConf, PyCon Singapore, RubyConf India. He actively contributes to several open-source projects including Specmatic and Perfiz. His areas of interest include distributed systems, concurrency, high performance application architecture, coaching and training. Hari Krishnan blogs here