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Jason Greene

Profile page created Dec 02, 2014

Quarkus Co-Founder | Distinguished Engineer @ Red Hat


Jason Greene is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Application Runtimes at Red Hat. He is the co-founder and co-lead of Quarkus, a project aiming to revolutionize Java development of microservice and serverless applications in the cloud. Previously he led WildFly (formally JBoss AS), the leading open-source EE application server, for nearly a decade. During his tenure at Red Hat, he has worked in many areas across the middleware portfolio, including server runtimes, clustering, web services, AOP, and security. He is a strong believer in open source and has contributed to numerous projects throughout his career. He is also a JCP and Eclipse Jakarta member, where he has represented Red Hat on the EE expert group and related standards. His interests include concurrency, distributed computing, hardware, and programming language design.