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Jeff Jockisch

Profile page created May 27, 2022

Lead of the Data Privacy Group at Node Zero


Jeff Jockisch is lead data steward, Data Privacy Group, Data Collaboration Community at the Data Collaboration Alliance, helping build a collaborative privacy community. Also a data privacy researcher and the CEO of PrivacyPlan, he conducts original research, consults and advises privtech startups. In addition to consulting and advising, Jeff creates and manages datasets about data privacy to gain insight into the privacy landscape. His research focuses on privacy-enhancing tech, privacy regulations, AI, and more. Before focusing on privacy and certifying as a CIPP/US, Jeff studied Organizational Behavior at Cornell and spent 20+ years in tech startups, including building mortgage information systems and search engines. His understanding of data, data science, and data governance is academic and operational, deriving from experience designing knowledge graphs, working with big data, creating taxonomies and classifiers, managing data quality, and building content management systems. Jeff is passionate about issues such as digital identity, data brokers, and data subject access requests. He also tracks, rates, and ranks privacy podcasts and runs his own show, Your Bytes, Your Rights, a weekly audio event.