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Jerry Yoakum

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Jerry Yoakum is a... Father. Blood donor. Reader. Hiker. Canoer / Kayaker. Volunteer. Software architect. Technology consultant.
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Hello. My name is Jerry Yoakum. I am a father. It brings me a lot of joy to see pictures of my daughter reading. When she was really little, it was the high point of any day when she would hand me a book to read to her. I would definitely give up everything for her. --- I enjoy canoeing / kayaking and hiking. Those are my main reasons to get outdoors. I like learning and make an effort to read some fiction to balance things out. --- My blog,, is almost entirely focused on software engineering. I reference old books because I want to drive home that software hasn't changed as much as people think. We should not delude ourselves into thinking that that we stand apart from the founders of our field. We stand on their shoulders and can only make real improvements by learning from them. Otherwise we just make the same mistakes over again. --- My favorite author is Mary Roach. She writes about smart stuff but in a way that interests everyone. Though she might have an advantage over other authors as a science writer since science is one of my favorite topics. --- I'm a fan of Darby Conley. He writes the Get Fuzzy comics. --- EDUCATION: * BS, Computer Science 2003 * MS, Computer Science & Mathematics 2011


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