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Jyoti Bansal

Profile page created Aug 23, 2010

CEO and Co-Founder of Traceable


Jyoti Bansal is CEO and Co-Founder of Traceable, serial entrepreneur and a silicon valley technology visionary. Jyoti believes passionately in software’s ability to change the world for the better. In 2008, he founded AppDynamics, an application intelligence company that provides enterprises with real-time insights into application performance. Jyoti is founder/CEO of BIG Labs - a startup studio aiming to co-create companies that can help define the future of software and technology. He is also cofounder/CEO of Harness - the leading continuous-delivery-as-a-service company, and cofounder of Unusual Ventures - a leading early stage venture capital firm. Jyoti has been a recipient of many leadership awards. Jyoti is the lead inventor on 20+ US patents.