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Michael Poulin

Profile page created Dec 19, 2019

Delivery of professional innovative but pragmatic solutions to the business needs or problems using technology capabilities accompanied by architectural E2E governance. Within Digital Revolution, I combine years of architectural work on business tasks/functionality with Cloud and Microservice technologies for new business quality of solutions that are resourceful, integral and holistic based on risk mitigation and business objectives; recently completed AWS Solution Architect course. Used to work as a Solutions Architect at an Enterprise or Programme level with business and technology executives as well as with development on- and off-shore terams. Specialisation: compliance implementation (PSDII, KYC - Sanctions Checking, GDPR, etc.), integration, distributed computing, asynchronous communication and application security. Address the full spectrum of business-technology governance. Have found a big advantage in combining my architectural, analysis and managerial skills in satisfying complex business needs in the dynamic economic environmnet. I continuously train myself in Cloud (AWS) and services (OASIS and Microservices); hold certification as PEAF Advocate (holistic architectural framework), TOGAF 9.1 (Parts 1 and 2), SOA Licensed Architect (Senior Level), Sun Certified Architect for Java Technologies, and IT Project+ Certified Professional manager. I participate in international EA and BPM conferences, OASIS, business archtiecture society and EA forums. My recent experience in the product line review and performance enhancement, combination of PSDII and GDPR regulations in banking domain, mapping business to technical capabilities, vendor procurement and relationship management. SPECIALTIES: Enterprise & Domain Solution Architecture Business Architecture & Design Compliance & Governance Vendor/customer relationship management EA strategy, cross-functional and cross-unit solution coordination Enterprise applicability of Agile & DevOps methodologies
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