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Phil Wilkins

Profile page created Oct 11, 2017

Snr Consultant & Tech Evangelist
Phil Wilkins blogs at


Phil has over 25 years in IT with experience of multinationals to software start-ups and consumer organizations. He started as a developer on real-time mission-critical solutions and worked through technical and leadership roles, primarily in Java environments. Phil now works for Capgemini UK specializing in cloud integration and API technologies as part of a multi-award-winning PaaS team. Phil’s supports well-known national and international brands and supports the wider team, and leads the design authority. Outside of work, he has contributed to supporting local community websites, input and support to the development of technical books (Packt Publishing, Prentice-Hall, etc.), including co-authoring the books on Integration, APIs and now a book on Fluentd for Manning. He has also had articles published in technical journals and is an active blogger. Phil is a co-organizer of the London Oracle Developer Meetup. Phil is TOGAF certified, and Oracle has been recognized for his community contributions as an Ace Director.