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Reda Hmeid

Profile page created Jan 17, 2017

Reda Hmeid is a technology strategy consultant, currently consulting as an associate of Equal Experts. He has been working in the digital space since 1999 when coding on the fledgling platform. Having started coding with the venerable Java 1.4, Reda has a lot of affection for the Java programming language, but these days with keen interest in Scala and NodeJS in particular, amongst other tech. Currently, Reda is working with Thames Water helping their drive towards digital transformation. Previously was the interim Head of Solutions of HMRC Digital, one of the largest digital programmes in the UK, helping to make HMRC the most digitally advanced tax authority in the world. Reda has previously worked for British Airways and IBM, and clients such as Deutsche Bank. Reda is kept busy by his 4 children these but has been a kickboxing champion in the past.


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