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Sandra Davey

Profile page created Oct 09, 2019

Product coach and consultant
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As a product coach, I draw on my 25-year experience in digital product management to help people, teams, and leaders adopt new ways of working in the pursuit of creating and delivering value for customers. What drives me is unlocking human potential in the workplace, and a mashup of product-led thinking and working Agile is how I do it. With a product and agile lens I also work with leaders unpacking the cultural, organisational and structural issues that block an organisation’s ability to create value for customers and the business. Alongside being a product coach, I’m also a Non-Executive Director, serving on the Boards of auDA and Screenrights. Past Board roles include a two-year stint Chairing Australia’s Internet governance community (NetThing), serving as Director and Chair of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (now Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising) and as the immediate Past Chair of CHOICE, Australia’s largest consumer advocacy organisation where I spent eight years mashing agile and product thinking with the strategic nuance and governance experience required of Board Directors.