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Shawn “Swyx” Wang

Profile page created Aug 29, 2022

Head of Developer Experience @ Airbyte


I am a developer/PM/angel investor, primarily active in the devrel and devtools community as a blogger and speaker. I am a GitHub Star, Stripe Community Expert, helped run the React subreddit for over 200,000 developers and grew Svelte Society from 0 to over 15,000 developers (writeup). I grew up in Singapore, but have worked mostly in the US and UK, most recently remotely out of Miami, Florida, working on Developer Experience for Netlify, Amazon Web Services, Temporal, and Airbyte. I am best known for being a #LearnInPublic evangelist and my speaking/writing on React, JavaScript and the future of the Web. I am also known for my technical/book reviews, from TypeScript in 50 Lessons, Programming TypeScript, Landing Page Hot Tips, and The GraphQL Guide. In a past life I was a currency options trader turned TMT hedge fund analyst as well, and I often do approach tech from an investing and risk management angle.