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Shivani Gaba

Profile page created Feb 12, 2023

Team Lead Engineering at New Work SE


Shivani Gaba is team lead engineering at New Work SE in Germany. She’s an experienced speaker who has delivered sessions in various international conferences. She believes that knowledge sharing boosts up all engaged parties and increases their confidence. It was summer of 2013 when Gaba and “testing” met each other for the first time, and have been best friends since then. Holding rich experience in the testing domain, with hands-on experience in all layers of software testing ranging from UI (frontend), API and backend, functional, non-functional, machine learning (ML) mobile testing,  ML remains her all-time favorite. As a certified scrum master, working in an agile manner is always her approach. She believes in the idea of spreading her findings about any “new fancy stuff” she learns. She has worked with multiple international teams and brings forward the idea of the whole team contributing for quality. She’s always up for conversation over email, Linkedin, Xing, twitter or a beer table :)