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Stefan Wolpers

Profile page created Apr 27, 2017

Agile Coach: XSCALE Alliance (XBAC), Scrum (CSP, CSM CSPO), LeSS (CLP)
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Stefan has worked many years as a product manager, product owner, and agile coach (Scrum, LeSS, Lean Startup, Lean Change). He’s founded multiple companies and has led the development of B2C and B2B software, primarily for startups, but also for other organizations — including a former Google subsidiary. He is a steward of the XSCALE Alliance and an XBA Exponential Business Agility Coach (XBAC). Stefan curates Food for Agile Thought — the largest weekly newsletter on agile product development with more than 13,000 subscribers. He also hosts the largest global Slack community for agile people ‘Hands-on Agile’ with more than 2,200 members. (As of January 2018.)