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Thomas Erl

Profile page created Jul 20, 2006

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Thomas Erl is a best-selling IT author and Series Editor of the Pearson Digital Enterprise Series from Thomas Erl. Thomas has authored and co-authored 15 books published by Pearson Education and Prentice Hall dedicated to contemporary business technology and practices. Thomas' newest book, "A Field Guide to Digital Transformation" is also an official part of the Digital Transformation Professional Academy curriculum.

You can find Thomas on the Thomas Erl YouTube channel. He is also the host of the "Real Digital Transformation"podcast series and also contributes regular articles via his weekly LinkedIn newsletter, "The Digital Enterprise".

Over 100 articles and interviews by Thomas have been published in numerous publications, including CEO World, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CIO Magazine. Thomas has also toured over 20 countries as a keynote speaker for various conferences and events. Thomas is the founder and senior adviser at Transformative Digital Solutions.

At Arcitura Education, Thomas leads the development of curricula for internationally recognized, vendor-neutral training and accreditation programs.

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