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Jim Webber on "Guerilla SOA"

Posted by  on  Jan 29, 2008 8

In a very entertaining presentation, Jim Webber debunks myths about the ESB concept and explains how a lightweight approach can yield real benefits without giving in to vendor pressure.

Service Oriented Communication with Windows Communication Foundation

Posted by  on  Jan 16, 2008 5

Christian Weyer provides a practical approach to realizing distributed solutions beyond the hype and 'Hello World'. Learn the basics of WCF and how to solve common problems in distributed systems.

Java Persistence and EJB3

Posted by  on  Jan 11, 2008 3

EJB spec lead Linda DeMichiel covers the key aspects of the Java Persistence API including use of the EntityManager API, persistence units & persistence contexts, queries, ORM, etc.

Managing a high performance rails app without tearing your hair out

Posted by  on  Jan 08, 2008 1

James Cox shows how to keep a Rails site's performance high. Tips include how to serve up pages faster, caching, hosting companies, and when to use SQL instead of ActiveRecord.

Leveraging the Web for Services at Yahoo!

Posted by  on  Jan 07, 2008

In this talk, recorded at QCon London, Mark Nottingham explains how Yahoo! leverages Web technologies to create a high-performance architecture for integrating multiple Yahoo! properties.

Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

Posted by  on  Dec 13, 2007 4

Ken Jones provides a framework for utilizing Visual Studio Team System, (VSTS), to support a development team and build better applications.

MetaProgramming - Extending Ruby for Fun and Profit

Posted by  on  Dec 07, 2007 7

MetaProgramming with Ruby presentation by Dave Thomas (PragDave) - learn to write programs that write code with Ruby, and how Ruby on Rails uses these techniques.

The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation

Posted by  on  Dec 06, 2007

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels explains how has transformed from application to platform provider, and how this platform handles the increasing number of businesses that are built on it.

Availability & Consistency

Posted by  on  Aug 07, 2007 11

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels examines the tension between availability & consistency in large-scale distributed systems, and presents a model for reasonsing about the trade-offs between diff solutions.

Cluster Your JVM to SIMPLIFY application architecture

Posted by  on  Jul 21, 2007 1

Ari Zilka introduces Open Terracotta, an open source JVM-level clustering solution that can transparently cluster POJOs & Spring beans.

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