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InfoQ Homepage Research What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools?

What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools?


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As part of the new community-driven research initiative, we are examining the importance and adoption level of a range of cross platform mobile tools that aim to help developers deliver applications on a variety of mobile platforms. The tools we're going to examine are:

  • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores.
  • Sencha Touch, which is a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.
  • Mono iOS/Android, a framework for creating iOS and Android apps, suing C# and .NET.
  • Appcelerator, an SDK for developing native, hybrid and mobile web applications from a single codebase.
  • Adobe AIR, a framework to build applications that run on the Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS platforms.
  • Qt , you can use Qt to create apps for Symbian, N9, desktop OSs and for the future BlackBerry 10..
  • RhoMobile, a framework for building native apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone 7.
  • Marmelade, which supports 2 development approaches: HTML5 apps which is fully compatible with the PhoneGap API and fully-native C++ apps for the best possible performance.
  • Corona, an SDK that aims to deliver, write-once-and-build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK, using Lua on top of C++/OpenGL.
  • MoSync, an SDK for building apps in C/C++ or HTML5, and currently supports Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 and Java ME.
  • jQuery Mobile, a unified, HTML5-based user interface system for mobile device platforms, built on the jQuery and jQuery UI foundation.
  • jQTouch, a Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, Android and other devices.