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What's Your Next JVM Language?


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The slow evolution of the Java language has increased interest in JVM languages.Java 7's brought JSR 292 (invokedynamic and its support libraries) to improve the performance and flexibility of languages targeting the JVM.

It seems the stage is set for companies to adopt a JVM language to raise the productivity of their developers (or at least keep them from leaving for other companies that have adopted more trendy languages).

So if you're evaluating the switch to another language or have already decided, InfoQ would like to know: what is you're next JVM language?

The Languages

In order to simplify this question, we've decided to focus on JVM languages that are: currently actively developed, general purpose, and suitable for enterprise or server side development. We've left out languages like Processing which are aimed at a specific domain (even though they might be general purpose). 

The list can be roughly categorised as

Note: InfoQ is aware that languages are a controversial, touchy subject. If we've left out your future JVM language, feel free to tell us all about it in the comments. 

On the voting widget: pick the languages you're considering or which you've evaluated and arrange them whether you'll adopt them (horizontal) and how much of your code will be written in these languages instead of Java (vertical).