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    Flex for XML and JSON

    by Jack Herrington Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 12, 2008 2

    Platforms need interoperability. In this article Flex interoperability with JSON and XML is explored. The article including mapping of XML to chart and grid components using the E4X library. It also demonstrates using the as3core library to decode JSON messages.

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    ActionScript 3 for Java Programmers

    by Jack Herrington Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 25, 2008 8

    Often the hardest part of changing technologies is language syntax differences. This new article provides Java developers with a transition guide to Actionscript which forms the foundation of Adobe Flex and Air. Common constructs are covered such as interfaces, constants, operators, regular expressions and XML.

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    InfoQ Case Study: NASDAQ Market Replay

    by Jon Rose Follow 0 Followers , Claude Courbois Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 09, 2008 1

    In this case study InfoQ reviews the usage of Adobe AIR and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) in the NASDAQ Market Replay application. NASDAQ Market Replay provides a NASDAQ-validated replay and analysis of the activity in the stock market. The combination of S3 and AIR offers a powerful deployment model with little internal infrastructure required.


Building Web and Desktop Applications with BlazeDS and AMF

Posted by James Ward Follow 0 Followers , Shashank Tiwari Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 01, 2008

Client/server communication is a key part of today's RIA architectures. In this article James Ward and Shashank Tiwari dive into Adobe's open source BlazeDS messaging server. 13


Book Excerpt and Interview: FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby

Posted by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  May 19, 2008

"FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby" is a new book about the FXRuby GUI library. InfoQ talked to the book's author Lyle Johnson. Also: an InfoQ-exclusive sample chapter from the book. 1


Fine Grained Versioning with ClickOnce

Posted by David Cooksey Follow 0 Followers on  May 06, 2008

David Cooksey shows how to fine grained versioning to a ClickOnce deployment using an HttpHandler written with ASP.NET, making partial rollouts to a test audience much easier. 1


WPF Unleashed - Review and Sample Chapter

Posted by Jonathan Allen Follow 500 Followers on  Sep 27, 2007

InfoQ presents its review of Adam Nathan's WPF Unleashed. Also included is a sample chapter covering WPF's property and event system, a system that is unlike anything else on the Windows platform. 4


Book Excerpt and Review: Filthy Rich Clients - Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java Applications

Posted by Andy Roberts Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 17, 2007

InfoQ is privileged to provide both a review and chapter excerpt of the new book Filthy Rich Clients: Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java Applications. 1


Rich Office Client Applications

Posted by Ted Neward Follow 2 Followers on  Feb 26, 2007

Ted Neward talks about various extensibility options in MS Office and how they can be used to build Rich Office client applications over Java backends.


Eclipse RCP & OSGi on the Client & Server

Posted by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 29, 2007

This case study takes a look at how RPC software is using Eclipse technology to stay ahead of the curve in providing software to the furniture industry.


WPF as a Rich Client Technology

Posted by Ian Griffiths Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 20, 2006

WPF expert Ian Griffiths compares WPF to Ajax/DHTML, Swing, and Flash. Ian then looks at some scenarios where you might usefully build a WPF front end using Java as the back-end technology. 13


Casestudy: IP Telephony Integration

Posted by Scott Delap Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 30, 2006

This case study takes a look at an IP telephone integration architecture from Litescape, including details about their Java and .NET implementation,WebEx integration,interop,HTTP vs.IPC communication.

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