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What is "Agile Coaching"?

Dec 14, 2012 ... When companies request support for agile adoption, the question arises what agile coaching is, and what companies expect from agile coaching?

The Agile Coach, from A to Z

May 22, 2008 ... Agile approaches introduce a new leadership role, the "Agile Coach," which is not familiar from traditional methodologies. What's so important about this role? Is it just a new name for an old role? Why does list 54 positions with this title? Patrick Kua of ThoughtWorks lists 26 useful answers to ...

An Alternative to Agile Coaching

Nov 16, 2012 ... Phil Abernathy asserts that the role of the Agile Coach may be due to sunset - he proposes an alternate based on his vision of an Agile Practitioner Manager embedded within an agile team. The Agile Practitioner Manager will have "skin in the game" being responsible not just for helping the team with their ...

Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd on the Role of the Agile Coach

Dec 23, 2011 ... In this interview, Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd, cofounders of the Agile Coaching Institute, discuss the role of the Agile Coach and the competencies (i.e. facilitation, mentoring, teaching, and coaching) necessary to become effective in that role. Also discussed are ways an Agile coach can transform ...

Book Excerpt: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

Jun 15, 2010 ... Very little in our education or experience properly prepares a ScrumMaster or project manager for the role of agile coach. This leaves most wondering, "What is my role in a self-organized team? How do I help the team yet stay hands-off?" This chapter, excerpted from the book Coaching Agile Teams, shows ...

Do We Need Prescriptive Agile Coaching?

Sep 4, 2014 ... Agile coaches often use a “hands-off” descriptive approach when coaching teams. The question is if such a coaching approach is always the best solution when teams are adopting agile? Would there be situations where prescriptive “ hands-on” coaching could be more effective? How could you do it?

Portia Tung on Executive Coaching and Habits of Effective Agile ...

Jun 1, 2016 ... Portia Tung talks about how executive coaching helps managers to deal with challenges and find ways to help their teams, and explores the habits of highly effective agile coaches. She provides examples from her experience of coaching agile teams and executives, and describes the benefits that agile ...

Pair Coaching with Agile Teams

Jan 9, 2014 ... Agile coaches can coach in pairs instead of coaching individually. Each coach will focus on different aspects of coaching. As every coach has specific experience and skills they can complement each other. Two coaches can collaboratively help individuals or teams to learn and improve when adopting ...

Agile Coach = Agile Secret Police?

Software engineer Paul Tyma, in a recent blog entry, tells us "I don't get this new craze of a job called 'Agile Coach'. I mean, everything I've read about Agile and XP seems dead simple." Though not a proponent of Agile, Tyma has done XP, so perhaps there's a basis for his view that an Agile Coach is not so much a 'coach' ...

Learn or Lose: Agile Coaching and Organizational Survival

Jan 22, 2015 ... How can established organizations avoid being disrupted into oblivion? What are the key cultural and mental barriers to real learning and productive change? How can Agile approaches and coaching help, and how should they be customized to local conditions? Dan Prager explores the issues and gives ...

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