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The Datomic Information Model

Feb 1, 2013 ... Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure, explains the information model of Datomic - a new database designed as a composition of simple services, combining the capabilities of RDBMS and scalability of NoSQL.

Intro to Datomic

Jan 21, 2015 ... Stuart Sierra provides an introduction to Datomic's data model, architecture, query syntax, and transactions.

The Design of Datomic

Jun 6, 2012 ... Rich Hickey discusses the design decisions made for Datomic, a database for JVM languages: what problems they were trying to solve with it, the solutions chosen, and their implementations.

Real-World Datomic: An Experience Report

Dec 12, 2013 ... Craig Andera explains Datomic from the perspective gained in implementing and optimizing a real-world production system, detailing the Datomic indexing process.

Rich Hickey on Datomic: Datalog, Databases, Persistent Data ...

Apr 4, 2012 ... Bio Rich is the author of Clojure and designer of Datomic ( ) and has over 20 years of experience in various domains. Rich has worked on scheduling systems, broadcast automation, audio analysis and fingerprinting, database design, yield management, exit poll systems, and machine ...

Rich Hickey on Datomic, Data Storage, Functional Programming ...

Sep 10, 2012 ... Rich Hickey explains how immutability enables Datomic's features and facilitates programming (not just in functional languages). Also: Datomic and other NoSQL stores, Clojure Reducers and much more.

Stuart Halloway on Datomic, Clojure, Reducers

Aug 15, 2012 ... Stuart Halloway explains Datomic, programming transactional behavior with Datomic, Datalog and logic programming, programming with values, Clojure Reducers and much more.

Datomic / the database as a value

Sep 4, 2012 ... Rich Hickey discusses the complexity introduced by a database into a system, and a way to deal with it by using Datomic. He also discusses immutability, epochal time, and persistent data structures.

The Impedance Mismatch is Our Fault

Oct 2, 2012 ... Even with Datomic's approach, it doesn't seem to provide a full solution for bi- temporal problems. Though it would make it easier to build a bi-temporal database on top of datomic. Once you go three dimensions or more, the tree analogy doesn't fit so neatly. One example of this is back dated changes.

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