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Videos with Transcripts. Software Development Conference. LondonMar 5-9, 2018 · AI & ML SFApr 9-11, 2018 · New YorkJun 25-29, 2018 · Streaming · Machine Learning · Reactive · Microservices · Containers · JavaScript · All topics · InfoQ Trends Reports. You are here: InfoQ Homepage Diversity Content on InfoQ  ...

Business Case for Diversity in Organizations

Sep 12, 2015 ... There is a positive correlation between diversity and financial performance and in an inclusive workplace, employees are more engaged which is crucial for retention and performance says Regina Chien. Having a diversity of thought and life experiences is going to help engineers create the best products.

Lending Privilege for Increasing Diversity and Inclusion

Apr 20, 2017 ... A grassroots movement is necessary to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Everyone has privilege; lending it to marginalized groups can make it happen, claimed Anjuan Simmons. If we have a diverse tech industry we will all win, as lending privilege increases value for everyone.

Mitch Shepard on Managing for Diversity

Jan 9, 2017 ... In this podcast recorded at QCon San Francisco 2016, Shane Hastie, InfoQ Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Mitch Shepard founder of WiRL about her talk at QCon and the challenges around gender diversity in the tech workforce.

Diversity in Agile – Women in Agile interviews available

Aug 9, 2010 ... The Agile Alliance sponsored Diversity in Agile program launched the first set of interviews from the Women In Agile series at Agile 2010 today. Shane Hastie spoke to Lisa Crispin about the work that has been done and the interviews that are available for viewing.

QCon Awarded 10 Diversity Scholarships for QCon SF 2016

Oct 24, 2016 ... QCon San Francisco has provided diversity scholarships to underrepresented groups in the technology community. The Conference is committed to encouraging diversity.

Neuro-diversity and Agile

Apr 28, 2015 ... Sallyann Freudenberg takes some very different slants on the psychology of programming and explores how each of them might be better supported: cognitive, autistic, introverted / extraverted.

Jessica Kerr on Productivity, Slack Chatbots, Yak Shaving, & Why ...

Aug 11, 2017 ... Wesley Reisz talks with Jessica Kerr about her focus on developer productivity. Topics include her work at Atomist building Slack Chatbots, an approach to categorizing Yak Shaving (in an effort to prioritize and automate development dependencies), how an innovation culture drives diversity, and, finally, ...

Changing the Image of Software Developers to Achieve Higher ...

Nov 15, 2016 ... We have to break the cycle of hiring ourselves over and over again to achieve higher levels of diversity in the software industry, argues Birgitta Böckeler. According to her, things are slowly changing; organizations increasingly focus on diversity and inclusion. There are a lot of people out there who could be ...

A Case for Diversity in Our Workspaces

Jul 23, 2015 ... Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg makes a case for supporting neurodiveristy in our workplaces.

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