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Readers have been telling us for some time that they want ways to more quickly get to the content that matters to them. We’re working on a number of new features to tackle this and we’re thrilled to be able to show you the first few of these now with:

How can you engage with InfoQ?

If you follow a topic you will receive notifications when a new item is published for it, while liking an article or a comment lets the contributor know that you appreciate their efforts. You need to have an InfoQ account and to be logged in to unlock these features.

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Once you follow a topic or a peer you will get notifications, that you can customize from your profile page. You can choose to see them only when you are on the site or to receive notifications by email (Email notifications can be turned on/off and can be set to daily vs weekly)

Visit your Preferences page to customize your profile. Click on the "Settings" link inside your notifications widget to manage your notifications settings.

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InfoQ content is created by a group of outstanding team leads, architects, senior developers and CTOs, that are constantly pushing the barriers of innovation. You can now follow them by clicking on their name.

Your peers (other InfoQ community members)

Knowing what other InfoQ readers/community members are doing on the site (liking, following, commenting) could be extremely insightful.

Break the echo chamber effect: Discover what you don’t know. If you see a comment from someone you find interesting on the site, click on their name to visit their profile page. You can then click “Follow” to receive notifications when they comment again.

Like your favorite content

You can like content items from inside the content. Your likes will lay the foundation of a more relevant recommendation system that will eventually become your personalized view of the site:

More signal, less noise = "My InfoQ" (Upcoming)

Charles Humble
Editor in Chief @

The Future of Java in the Enterprise - InfoQ’s Opinion

As part of ongoing work to review InfoQ’s editorial focus for the next year, we’ve been looking at the Java landscape in some detail. We use the model from Geoffrey Moore’s classic Crossing the Chasm book, which is closely related to the technology…

Anupama Natarajan Anupama Natarajan
Solutions Architect @ Meridian Energy Limited

Designing Pragmatic RESTful APIs

Anupama Natarajan presents key principles to consider when designing RESTful APIs based on her experience designing them for real-world applications.

Jonathan Allen Jonathan Allen
Software Engineer @ KPMG US

C# Futures: Relaxed Overrides

A commonly requested feature in .NET is the ability to use covariant return types. An example of this would be overriding “virtual object Clone()” with “override Widget Clone()”. From a type safety perspective, this is perfectly acceptable...

Manage your public profile

You can now build your public profile by adding a mini-bio and a picture. You will be able to do that from the Preferences menu. This is also the go to place for setting the way in which you want to receive notifications.

The best is yet to come…

We hope you enjoy using these new features, and we’re just getting started. "My InfoQ" - your personalized homepage is just around the corner. We will let you know as soon as we have the next features ready for deployment. They will reduce the noise to signal ratio and you’ll never again feel overwhelmed by the amount of information again, at least on InfoQ.

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