Be "the" disruptor this year. A quick overview of trends in 2018 and 2019.

InfoQ’s 2018, and What We Expect to See in 2019

We take a look back at what we say on infoQ in 2018, and think about what the next year might bring. Both Java and .NET content continues to be a huge part of what InfoQ does. We saw a growing interest in ethical perspectives on technology and we believe that data engineering and machine learning are fast becoming key skills for software developers.

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The 2018 InfoQ Editors’ Recommended Reading List: Part One

As part of our core values of sharing knowledge, the InfoQ editors were keen to capture and share our book and article recommendations for 2018, so that others can benefit from this too. Top reading recommendations include: Accelerate, by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim; The Morning Paper, by Adrian Colyer; and The Algorithm Design Manual, by Steven Skiena.

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InfoQ Recommended Reading

The 2018 InfoQ Editors’ Recommended Reading List: Part Two

InfoQ Recommended Reading Part 2

Top reading recommendations include: Deep learning, by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville, Making Work Visible, by Dominica DeGrandis, Implementing Domain-Driven Design, by Vaughn Vernon.

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QCon Emag

Most important trends from software architecture conferences (QCons) across the globe

Highlights from the English QCon conferences in 2018, compiled in an eMag summarising talks and lessons learnt by engineering teams at companies including Sportradar, Booking, Skyscanner, Netflix, Uber, Lyft, Shopify, and LinkedIn.

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InfoQ Podcast
Trends to keep an eye on in 2019

Charles Humble, InfoQ's editor-in-chief, and Wes Reisz, QCon's conference chair, are taking a sneak peek in 2019 highlighting what they think will matter in terms of trends.

Charles Humble

Charles Humble

Editor in Chief @ InfoQ
Wes Reisz

Wes Reisz

Conference Chair @ QCon

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