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The Software Architecture Impact of the Multi-Core Processor Trend

by Mark Figley on  Sep 25, 2007 5

A JDJ article explains that as we move towards Multi-Core processor architectures, single threaded performance improvement is likely to see a significant slowdown over the next one to three years. In some cases, single-thread performance may even drop. This in turn will require software developers change the way we develop software, increasing our utilization of parallel execution architectures.

Article: The Box: A Shortcut to finding Performance Bottlenecks

by Floyd Marinescu on  Sep 24, 2007 6

Quite often performance problems will be reported with some very antidotal comments that do nothing to help you understand where to start looking. Faced with this dilemma, it is not uncommon for teams to start guessing at the root cause. Now enter "the box", a little diagram that is an abstraction of a complete system. The box is a reminder of the true cases of performance bottlenecks.

Ruby 1.9 adds Fibers for lightweight concurrency

by Werner Schuster on  Aug 24, 2007 7

Fibers were recently in the Ruby 1.9 branch. The Coroutine-like concept has many uses, such as implementing lightweight concurrency and others. We look at the concept and influences of Fibers in Ruby 1.9, as well as code samples.

The Futures of Ruby Threading

by Werner Schuster on  May 23, 2007 12

Ruby's thread system is about to undergo big changes in Ruby 1.9, possibly moving from user space threads to kernel threads. Or not. A recent interview with Matz and Sasada Koichi shows some new ideas that are considered. We take a look at the different possible future Ruby threading systems.

Ruby Userspace Threads vs GUI toolkits Roundup

by Werner Schuster on  Apr 11, 2007 6

Are Ruby 1.x User-space threads a hindrance with writing GUIs? We take a brief look at the situation and show the situation, options and alternatives such as using JRuby.