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The white paper "SQL to NoSQL: Architecture Differences and Considerations for Migration" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • Stop Using Databases! 3 Keys to Letting go of their Tyranny

    How fast can you put an app into production? What keeps you from going faster? The database may be the biggest speed bump in your application stack. There is a better way — one that many organizations are using to build cloud-native applications rapidly and reliably.

  • Elevating Cloud Provider Kubernetes with D2iQ

    In this white paper, you will learn what is required to supplement cloud vendor solutions to create an enterprise-level, production-ready platform, scalability, maintenance, and multi-cluster management challenges and how to overcome them, and more. Download Now.

  • Camunda Platform 8: Try Free Now

    Camunda Platform is powered by Zeebe, Camunda's cloud-native workflow engine designed for true horizontal scalability and resilience. This functionality enables your business to transform into a new digital era where business processes span people, systems, and devices. Try Free Now.

  • DZone RefCard: Advanced Kubernetes

    There are currently many learning resources to get started with the fundamentals of Kubernetes, but there is less information on how to manage Kubernetes infrastructure on an ongoing basis. This Refcard aims to deliver quick, accessible information for operators using any Kubernetes product.

  • Decision Maker's Checklist: Key Capabilities for Kubernetes in the Public Cloud

    While there are many benefits using Kubernetes on the public cloud, they also come with some tradeoffs, which can make adoption difficult. Download this checklist to help your team identify opportunities to streamline processes, reduce overhead costs & get the most out of your cloud K8s investment.

  • 9 Best Practices for Release Management

    Learn about common release management feature flag use cases and how to deploy release management feature flags using Ring and Percentage deployment. You'll also learn about release management best practices across the software development lifecycle.