The white paper "2010 Open Source Integrity Report: Defect Scan of 291 Key Projects Including Android Kernel" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • The State of Container and Kubernetes Security

    Based on a survey of over 400 IT and Security decision makers, this report analyzes how companies are adopting containers and Kubernetes while addressing their most critical security and operational challenges.

  • Benchmarking the Cloud: AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure

    The 2021 Cloud Report compares AWS, Azure, and GCP on benchmarks that reflect critical applications and workloads. Read the report to learn which cloud is the most cost efficient, how to evaluate performance tradeoffs, and how to assess the cost/benefit of disks and CPU processors.

  • Buyer's Guide for Graph Databases

    Buyers often struggle to reconcile the conflicting claims made by different graph software vendors. This guide is intended to assist you in your buying decision by providing a side-by-side comparison of three leading graph databases, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, Datastax Enterprise and TigerGraph.

  • Safe and Sensible: Deployment and Launch with Reduced Risks (On-demand webinar) - Watch Now

    Learn how to work WITH your compliance and security teams to address actual needs, instead of talking past each other about rules and processes. Watch this webinar to learn more about progressive delivery, safety rollbacks, delivery testing, and release workflow management.

  • Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of LaunchDarkly

    According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study, organizations using the LaunchDarkly feature management platform can achieve $5.35M in value and an ROI of 245% over 3 years with payback in less than 6 months. Learn what LaunchDarkly can do for your organization.

  • Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    Join this upcoming Tech Talk where you’ll learn to learn what PWAs are and how they compare with native apps, the benefits of PWAs and the role they can play in your digital strategy, and how you can use a single codebase to create mobile apps and deploy them as PWAs with the switch of a toggle.


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