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The white paper "[eBook] CockroachDB: The Definitive Guide (By O'Reilly)" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • [Workshop] Kubernetes Native API Gateway with Gloo Edge Workshop (Dec 15th)

    This workshop includes a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials on key concepts using Gloo Edge: Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes service routing; Security at the edge with WAF, Auth, Encryption; Configuring traffic policies like rate limiting, and more. Register Now.

  • The Business Bottleneck – Download the eBook (By O’Reilly)

    Michael Coté shows businesspeople how to accelerate their company's digital transformation. Software is at the center of how tech businesses operate & how customers interact with them. As per this report, becoming a tech company isn't primarily a tech issue - it's become a business problem.

  • [eBook] The Foundations of Enterprise Observability

    Enterprise Observability defines the framework of observability built for the world of large scale complex applications. Download this eBook to learn about the fundamentals of observability, requirements for enterprise observability, and key features of Instana’s enterprise observability platform.

  • The State of Kubernetes 2021

    How do your Kubernetes pains and plans compare to your peers? This ebook examines the continuing evolution in the way enterprises are using Kubernetes - the benefits they're seeing from the technology; continued complexity around decision making, deployment and operations; and more.

  • Benchmarking the Cloud: AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure

    The 2021 Cloud Report compares AWS, Azure, and GCP on benchmarks that reflect critical applications and workloads. Read the report to learn which cloud is the most cost efficient, how to evaluate performance tradeoffs, and how to assess the cost/benefit of disks and CPU processors.

  • GraphQL at Enterprise Scale

    Software teams adopt GraphQL to accelerate feature delivery and improve developer experience. But as adoption grows, companies struggle with scaling GraphQL across teams, This e-book covers the key considerations for consolidating to a federated graph.