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InfoQ Homepage 7 Reasons Not to Put an External Cache in Front of Your Database

7 Reasons Not to Put an External Cache in Front of Your Database

Company: ScyllaDB

Modern applications rely on memory architectures that are both extremely fast and globally distributed. The ideal architecture finds a balance between memory (RAM) and storage (SSD) to deliver high performance along with reliability and consistency.

To achieve these goals, many organizations use in-memory caching alongside a NoSQL database. Yet, as this whitepaper shows, caching solutions that are not integral to the database can cause substantial issues.

Are you using or considering an external cache or in-memory database for high-speed operational performance?

Will an embedded cache work better than a hybrid approach?

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • Common approaches to caching data
  • 7 specific reasons why external caching can be a bad choice
  • How Scylla’s embedded cache isolates developers from cache-specific code, while also delivering greater reliability, better performance, and lower TCO
  • Real-world examples of successfully eliminating external cache by companies such as Comcast