The white paper "The Key to SOA Governance: Understanding the Essence of Business" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • Microservices Unleashed – Download the eBook

    Learn how to unleash the full power of the cloud with Reactive microservices, including what this technology is, what it does, and the business value it can bring to your company. You’ll also discover key principles that define a Reactive microservice, real-world customer stories, and more.

  • The Enterprise Path to Service Mesh Architectures (By O’Reilly)

    This free, complete, O’Reilly ebook shows how service meshes work & provides a path to help you build or convert applications. It explains how a service mesh provides a configurable infrastructure layer that makes service-to-service communication flexible, reliable, and fast.

  • API Traffic Management 101 (By O’Reilly)

    Mike Amundsen introduces developers and network administrators to the basic concepts and challenges of monitoring and managing API traffic.

  • Managing Kubernetes: From a Small Fleet to a Navy of Clusters

    As the number of clusters and workloads grow, it can become increasingly difficult to know where clusters exist and how they are performing. In this eBook, you’ll learn the causes and consequences of cluster sprawl, how to build or evolve your cluster governance policies, and more.

  • Best practices for managing your open source artifacts

    Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the latest best practices organizations can use to manage their open source dependencies well. Learn how the Tidelift Subscription integrates with JFrog Artifactory to make it possible to manage open source components without leaving the Artifactory workflow.

  • Kubernetes and Minikube for DevOps (Cheat Sheet)

    Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts. Download this Kubernetes cheat sheet to learn how to install Minikube, run locally on Minikube, install Kubectl, and use the Kubectl CLI.


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