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The white paper "Authentication Survival Guide" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • Kubernetes Up & Running – Download the eBook (By O’Reilly)

    Get a practical look at how Kubernetes and container technology can help you achieve new levels of velocity, agility, reliability, and efficiency.

  • [Workshop] Kubernetes Native API Gateway with Gloo Edge Workshop (Dec 15th)

    This workshop includes a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials on key concepts using Gloo Edge: Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes service routing; Security at the edge with WAF, Auth, Encryption; Configuring traffic policies like rate limiting, and more. Register Now.

  • Git Branching Strategies vs. Trunk-Based Development

    This article will first review the benefits and shortcomings of several common Git branching strategies. Then, we’ll compare those to trunk-based development to learn how the latter solves those shortcomings and enables modern software delivery practices through feature flag management.

  • Observability won't replace monitoring (because it shouldn't)

    Ben Sigelman unpacks the concepts of monitoring and observability to provide a better framework for understanding the role and limitations of monitoring, the laws of nature governing observability datastores, and how changes should serve as the guideposts for most observability explorations.

  • 9 Things Your Database Must Do

    Download this eBook to learn how modern applications are reshaping the requirements for databases and changing the role of the DBA. You'll also explore the requirements for cloud-native architectures and tooling that make development easier.

  • Why tracing might replace (almost) all logging

    This is a guide about why tracing will gradually replace most logging, at least where distributed or cloud-native architectures are concerned. You'll also learn the importance of structured logging, how logs can hinder instrumenting a microservice, and the right way to solve the logging problem.